About HIT5.

Our Story

HIT5 was developed by a board certified neurologist and pain management specialist (and high intensity training enthusiast) along with a team of scientists and biochemists. They didn’t set out to introduce just another New CBD product. Our team worked to solve a need among these athletes. CBD was selected, along with other ingredients to create a unique formula to best address the damage that these athletes do to their bodies through high intensity training and exercise.

Origin of the name

Origin of the Name

HIT5 is an aspirational ‘call to action.’ High Intensity Training is based on the heart rate zones. Zone 1 is the lowest. Zone 5 is the highest rate your heart can sustain. When you hit (or achieve) zone 5, you know you are working at your highest possible level. The Cheetah is the fastest animal in the world. But more importantly, and similar to humans, they can only maintain their zone 5 for a limited period of time. Cheetah are the only ultimate High Intensity Training creature

When you’re doing a high intensity activity, Zone 5 designates


The Effects

Refresh & Energize

The right Flavors

Coconut & Cherry